Dr. Laxmi Sushama

Professor, Département des Sciences de la Terre et de l'Atmosphère
Centre ESCER
Université du Québec à Montréal
Phone: (514) 987 3000, ext 2414
Fax: (514) 987-7749
Email address: sushama.laxmi@uqam.ca


François Roberge
Project: Urban heat island effects in CRCM5


Gregory Yang Kam Wing
Project: Inter- and intra-seasonal variability of land-atmosphere coupling over North America

Bruno Fang
Project: Snow-albedo feedback in CRCM5

Abdellah Boujannah
Project: Energy and water budgets over Africa as simulated by the Canadian RCM

Arlette Chacón
Project: Impact of land-use change on North America

Bernardo Teufel (Now PhD at UQAM)
Project: Vegetation-climate interactions over North America

Bessam Bouagila (Now at Environment Canada)
Project: Dry spell characteristics over Africa as simulated by the Canadian RCM

Jacinthe Clavet-Gaumont (Now at Ouranos/Hydro-Québec)
Project: Canadian RCM projected changes to high flows for Quebec watersheds using Regional Frequency Analysis

Jean-Philippe Morin (Now at Météo Média)
Project: Soil moisture variability from current to future climate over North America

Vincent Poitras (Now PhD at McGill University)
Project: Effects of climate change on runoff in Canada

Bratislav Mladjic (Now at the Dept. of Electrical Eng. of McGill)
Project: Canadian RCM projected changes to the frequency and magnitude of extreme precipitation over Canada

Ivana Popadic (Now at ENERCON Canada Inc.)
Project: Terrestrial surface modelling in CRCM

André Monette (Now at Météo Média)
Project: Projected changes to precipitation extremes for Northeast Canadian watersheds using a multi-RCM ensemble


Caio Ruman
Project: Glacier climate/hydrology interactions in current and future climates over western and Arctic Canada

Bernardo Teufel
Project: Vegetation-climate interactions over a pan-arctic domain


Oleksandr (Sasha) Huziy
Project: Development of a lake-river module for Canadian Regional Climate Model (CRCM5)

Camille Garnaud (Now at Environment Canada)
Project: Dynamic vegetation in the Canadian Regional Climate Model (CRCM5)

Jean-Philippe Paquin (Now at Dalhousie University and Bedford Institute of Oceanography)
Project: On some aspects of the numerical modeling of the arctic climate

Post-Doctoral Fellows and Research Associates

Oleksandr (Sasha) Huziy
Project: Development of a lake-river module for Canadian Regional Climate Model (CRCM5)

Dae Il Jeong
Project: Multivariate modelling of floods and droughts

Gulilat Tefera Diro
Project: Land-atmopshere coupling and extremes


Arman Ganji
Project: Development of an improved hydrologic scheme (surface and sub-surface) for CRCM5.

Andrey Martynov (Now at University of Bern)
Project : Advanced surface parameterization

Debashish PaiMazumder (Now at NCAR)
Project: Short- and long- term drought characteristics in current and future climate

Marko Braun (Now at Ouranos)
Project: Validation of Canadian RCM simulated hydrometeorological variables and their projected changes

Research Assistants

Luis Duarte
Projet: Implémentation de la végétation dynamique dans le MRCC5 and tests du modèle couplé MRCC5/RCO


Adelina Alexandru
Projet: Projections climatiques avec le MRCC5 sur le domaine Nord-Américain de CORDEX

Samira Ben Saïd
: Les caractéristiques des précipitations simulées au dessus de l'Inde par le MRCC5 en les comparant par les données d'observations IMD et APHRODITE

Leticia Hernandez-Diaz
Project: Analysis of climate simulations and climate projections for Africa in the context of CORDEX using CRCM5

Ryan Muncaster (Now at RPN)
Project: Comparison of composite and mosaic approaches of land-surface heterogeneity representation in CRCM5